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VGA(480x640) - QVGA(240x320)

In our everyday lives, Pocket PC's and PDA Enabled Phone Devices have grown in popularity, and are now carried almost everywhere we go. We use them on trains, buses, airports, in school and at the office. Some of these devices are no larger then a wallet, and can easily be lost or stolen! With the high cost of some of these devices, this can be heart breaking, but can be easily replaced.

However some of us, especially those who travel frequently, may have much more on their device then a few games or images. Passwords, Credit Card Numbers, Bank Acct. Info, Social Security Numbers, Business files, and other important info, is usually stored for quick access while on the go! If in the wrong hands, this info can cost us hundreds or even thousands of dollars, as well as much lost time trying to recover! However, the solution for protecting your data is here!

While armed with a simple concept, which is to provide 'Total Lockout Security' for your device, from anyone without the proper password to gain access, Pocket Secure is also feature rich with some options not found in any other security application! Combined, these features work in "Keeping Your Data Safer", in the event your device is lost or stolen!

Highlight Features:

  • AES 128bit File Encryption (Long & Short Term).
  • Fully 'Skinable' Buttons, Fonts, Sounds & Backgrounds.
  • 'Slideshow' Feature Using Multiple Images.
  • Screen Note Display & Owner Info.
  • Auto-Lock Upon Power-On and/or Soft Reset.
  • Full Screen 'Finger' Keypad or SIP.
  • Date, Time, Memory, Mail, SMS, Call & Battery Display.
  • Integrated Help Popup Screens.
  • Encrypted Password Storage.
  • .... and much, much more!

With feature options such as 'File Encryption' and 'Automatic Locking', Pocket Secure v5.0 is now armed with multi-levels of protection, to ensure your data and personal info will be safe & 'secure'!

Pocket Secure is compatible with virtually all 2003, 2003SE WM5 & WM6, Pocket PC & PPC Phone Edition Devices. The new v5.0 is available in VGA (480x640) & QVGA (240x320) resolutions.

Default Password = 4321